f you need a custom part custom-fabricated for your Kart, AZ Kart Werx also provides complete custom fabrication services to meet your needs. Some of our most common requests include:


  • Rear Axle Straightening (30mm, 40mm, 50mm)
  • Custom Shims and Spacers
  • Custom Brackets and Struts
  • Chassis Straightening
  • Custom Seat Installation and Fitting
  • Custom Hybrid Bearings for Rear Axles
  • Welding Repairs and EGT weld-on fittings
  • Front End Cylinder Hone
  • Machine Engine Lathe

We are the only Kart shop in Arizona capable of straightening rear axles.  No need to spend your money on new axles when you just have a slight wobble.  Simply bring it to us, and we will straighten if for you for a small fraction of the cost.

Feel free to visit us to discuss any of your specific needs. Chances are, we will be able to help you!